Volume 54

The PlayGround Experiment Volume 54
A Great night was had by all. Super thanks to our Voices of Stage Direction Monica Furman and Vince Vaughan.

Special Thanks to our Welcoming Committee/Photographers Noemi de la Puente, Thomas Dieter and Sharlene Hartman.



Rude Awakenings
By Marie Eléna O'Brien
Ari Rossen
Marie Eléna O'Brien
Paul Peglar
Priyanka Krishnan
Todd Butera
SD: Ari


Incomplete Party
By Danielle Winston
Brad Makarowski
Diana Sara Cherkas
SD: Vince


The Diner
By Laurel Lockhart
David Adam Gill
Jenn Plotzke
Perryn Pomatto
SD: Monica 


Tis Threaded In The Air
By David Michael Kirby
Catherine Overfelt
John Racioppo
Yvette King
SD: Vince


Thea Dictograph
By Kit Goldstein Grant
Christine Redhead
Erin Byun
Jackson Perrin
Nick Locilento
SD: Monica


Aztec Pirates and the Insignificance of Life on Mars
By David Davila
Alexandra Castro
Daniel Anthony Hidalgo
Lillian Andrea De Leon
Maria Isabella Rojas
Nicholas Robert Ortiz
Nilsa Reyna
Oscar A. L. Cabrera
SD:  Vince

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