Volume 53

The PlayGround Experiment Volume 53
What a great night as always. Super thanks to our Welcoming Committee/Photographers Kirsten Hopkins and Christopher Buchanan! 

Stage Directions Specialists Erin Byun and Ryan Ramirez!



Liz’s Lament
By Tim Lorge
Drew Jordan
Jimmy Moon
John Racioppo
Kristen French
Kyle Minshew
Paul Peglar
Ryan Ramirez
SD: Erin


Dead Children’s Playground
By Blair Ingethron
Christine Redhead
Claire Shiell
Marilyn Tagert
Raul Mereulo
SD:  Ryan


Legends of Texas
By Nilsa Reyna
Alex Castro
Lillian Andrea De Leon
Yvette King
Ryan Ramirez
SD: Erin



Artificial Insemination
By Mrinalini Kamath
Bryn Packard
Erin Byun
Geri-Nikole Love
Mike Lesser
Nandita Shenoy
SD: Ryan


Tomorrow We Love
By Jeffrey Vause
Andrew Schomaker
Jeffrey Vause
Mandy Murphy
Matt Cody
SD: Erin


Experimenting with Katz
By David A. Gill
Andrew Glaszek
Anne Newhall
Jacob Smith
Marie Eléna O'Brien
Paul Pakler
SD:  Ryan

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