Volume 60

The PG Evolution Volume 60
Thanks to our Welcoming Committee of Jayson Kerr and Kirsten Hopkins! Stage Directions read by Khalid Rivera and Marielle Young. Photos by David Michael Kirby.


Kitty Stardust and the Corner Store by Diana Cherkas and Ilene Fischer
Jackie Marushack
Khalia Davis
Kyle Minshew
Luis Quintera
SD:  Khalid

Daughters of the Dewey Decimal by Jona Tarlin
Cait Cortelyou
Chris Smith
Hannah Vaughn
Jeanne Fishman
Joy Jacobs
SD: Marielle

Artificial Insemination Play by Mrinalini Kamath
Christine Redhead
Jose Sepulevda
Khalid Rivera
Karen Johal
Kirsten Hopkins
Mike Lesser
SD:  Marielle



The Incident by Emily Comisar
Charlie Wilson
Jeffrey Vause
Patryce Williams
Shetal Shah
SD: Khalid

Untitled Dating Musical by Adam Parrish
Catherine Overfelt
David Michael Kirby
Nolan Blair
Sarah Young
SD: Khalid

The Shell Game by Evan Edwards
Antonia Marrero
Chase Naylor
Kelvyn Mitchell
Khalid Rivera
Larissa Adamczyk
Paul Peglar
Sean Hankinson
Thomas Dieter
SD: Marielle

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