Volume 63

The PG Evolution Volume 63
First Volume of the year was amazing with the Welcoming Committee of Erin Moughon- Smith & Jenny Crakes. Stage Directions by newcomers Aaron Johnson and Marta Rymer. Photos by Tim Lorge.


When the World Ends By Robin Fusco
David Michael Kirby
Kirsten Hopkins
Marta Rymer
SD:  Aaron

Cutter By Mandy Murphy
Aaron Johnson
Andrew Griffin
Nicole Orabona
SD:  Marta

Budding By Evan Edwards
Joy Jacobs
Katherine Puma
Ysabel Jasa
SD: Aaron



The Incident By Emily Comisar
Nick Locilento
Patryce Williams Belvilus
Paul Peglar
Tara Maldonado
SD: Marta

A List of Everyone That Died By Jacob Marx Rice
Arthur Gregory Pugh
Cait Cortelyou
Jasmine Spiess
Michael Flood
SD: Aaron

Scavengers By David A. Gill
Andrew Glaszek
Khalid Rivera
Samantha Rosentrater
Thomas Dieter
SD: Marta

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