Volume 80

September 24, 2018

Welcoming Committee: Nilsa, Sydney, Marta

Photos: Mike

Stage Directions: Evan Edwards, Mickey Johnson

Act 1


My Second Quincinera by Noemie de la Puente

With Alexandra Castro


Untitled New Play by Thomas Dieter

With Chase Naylor and Marie Eléna O’Brien


Disaster by Jeanette Bonner

With Jason Nadal, Nick Locilento, Peyton Edwards, Sharlene Hartman

(Pictured: Peyton Edwards and Jason Nadal)

Act 2


Summer’s End by Laurel Lockhart

With C.J. Gelfand, David Michael Kirby, Donna Roesel, Peter Casanave


Instinct by Robin Fusco

With Drew Jordan, Evan Edwards, Kelvyn Mitchell, Mickey Johnson, Priyanka Krishnan


Raising Sue by Matt Silver

With Catherine Overfelt, Doug Rossi, Jeffrey Vause, Kirsten Hopkins, Mandy Murphy

For more photos from this volume, go here.

Kirsten Hopkins