Volume 72

The PG Evolution: Volume 72

May 28, 2018
Welcoming Committee: Ilene Fischer and Leif Meneke
Stage Directions: Daniel Hidalgo and Lindsay Rootare


PGE - Volume 72 - Holmes 6.JPG

Duncan and Vanessa by Prudence Holmes
Jasmine Spiess
Peter Macklin

PGE - Volume 72 - Buchanan 6.JPG

Moondance by Christopher Buchanan
Arthur Gregory Pugh
Kirsten Hopkins

PGE - Volume 72 - Casanave 4.JPG

The Lawyer Faces Death… by Pete Casanave
David Sitler
Diane Quinn
Evan Edwards


PGE - Volume 72 - Crakes 11.JPG

An Equal and Opposite Reaction by Jenny Crakes
Leah Rabinowitz
Lily Fryburg
Maria Isabella Rojas
Peyton Edwards
Sonia Lopes

PGE - Volume 72 - O'Brien 7.JPG

Rude Awakenings by Marie Elena O’Brien
Charlie Wilson
Dave Droxler
Jayson Kerr
Kyle Minshew
Marie Eléna O'Brien


PGE - Volume 72 - Green 8.JPG

Spin Cyclers by Stuart Green
Ashley Jackson
James Edward Becton
Mandy Murphy
Michael Flood
Perryn Pomatto
Daniel Hidalgo

Kirsten Hopkins