Volume 73

The PG Evolution: Volume 73

June 11, 2018

Welcoming Committee: David Michael Kirby and Evan Edwards

Stage Directions: Jimmy Moon and Marie Elena O'Brien



Only in Brooklyn by Laurel Lockhart
With Ari Rossen, Graceann Dorse, Marie Elena O'Brien

Again by Angela Hsu
With Amanda Shi, Jason Nadal

The Facebook Diaries by Andy Halliday
With Jeffrey Vause, Mario Soto, Paul Pakler



Sundrenched Coffee by Mike Lesser
With Anne Newhall, Jayson Kerr, Khalid Rivera, Kyle Minshew, Starr Kirkland, Topher Payne

Close Your Eyes and Sleep by Aaron Johnson
With Annie Kerris, Charlie Wilson, Madeleine Maby, Michael Fell

Thanksgiving by Erin Moughon
With Andrew Griffen, Catherine Overfelt, David A. Gill, Doug Rossi, Kirsten Hopkins, Maria Rojas

Kirsten Hopkins