Volume 14

What a great night! Kudos to all the Actors and Playwrights who brought it! Tackling heavy, smart, and challenging subjects with ease. What an honor it has been to see the progress of work, new plays birthed and new collaborations made. Special thanks to our greeter John Robert Tillotson and Stage directions by Kate Snyder King!

I Don’t- Jeffrey Vause
Read by Brad Makarowski and Dan Renkin

Scallywag- Jessica Luck
Read by Bianca Crudo and Nicky Romaniello

Home to the Sea- Jonathan Calindas
Read by Jonathan Harris, Paul Pakler, and Rhonda Dodd

Gaming Project- Wendy Herlich
Read by Alyssa Kim, Glenn Kubota, and Roy Flores

Witnesses of Existence- Mike Lesser
Read by Brad Makarowski, Joy Lynn Jacobs, Jim Stanek, Kyle Minshew, and Nina Covalesky

Mike Lesser