Volume 16

We were 16 now we are going on 17. Let us celebrate how sweet our last PGE of 2015 was. Two of our actors showed off their writing prowess as playwrights two of our Playwrights showed off their acting chops as playwrights, we had our first SOLO creation, we got to learn "how to murder a millionare" and it's not as easy as you think. Kudos to everyone who attended, played and connected. Special thanks to Betty Hudson as our greeter! And Voice of stage Directions Siho Ellsmore!

Pittsburghese - Paul Pakler
Read by Dave Droxler and Marie Elena O'Brien

Small Holdings - Glenn Kubota
Read by Anne Newhall, Bob Jaffe, Duane Cooper, Glenn Kubota, John Roque, and Susan Barrett


Egg & Dart - Sarah Matusek  
Read by Alok Tewari, Don Castro, Marguerite Stimpson, and Sarah Matusek 

Rabbit:Run - Autumn Kioti
Read by Autumn Kioti and Rebecca Fey Collins

How to Murder a Millionare - Andy Halliday
Read by Andrew Glaszek, Jeffrey Vause, Steven Hauck, and Steven Wenslawski

Mike Lesser