Volume 5

What a great night at Fika Tower & Bakery! Volume 5 was exciting as we started the day off with a launching of our website and Twitter handle @ThePGE. We had 3 new exciting playwrights join the ranks in the playground this volume as well as returning playgrounders. Our voice for stage directions was the awesome Leif Olsen-Cormack. 


Peer to Peer- Nneoma Omini Nkuku
Read by Akyiaa Wilson, Brooke Reynalds, David Meyers, Risa Benson, Wes Hager


Untitled- Autumn Kioti Moonface & Daniel Ho
Read by Autumn Kioti Moonface, Bob Jaffe, Patrice Bell


Gaming Project- Wendy Herlich
Read by Bryn Packard, Hunter Rodgers, Nina Covelesky


Two Hearts One Boy-Andy Halliday
Read by Nick Mathews & Steven Wenslawski


Business Lunch- David Davila
Read by Anthony Chan, Daniel Anthony Hidalgo, Nick Cochetto, Ryan Ramirez

Mike Lesser