Volume 7

Volume 7 was yet another packed house. We at the PGE are blessed that you keep coming back and we're thrilled to see and meet all of the newbies who have found us. To the playwrights and actors thanks again for giving us the joy of seeing your talents. To those who came out for the first time and our returning folk thank you for your flood of excitement and energy. Special Shout out to the awesome playwright/producer Emily Comisar for being our honored greeter for the evening and to Rhonda Dodd for her excellent hat trick, (it was empty and then it was not.) Thanks to all who gave to support what we are doing and make sure our website is up and running an all the other incidentals will be covered. Stage Directions by Jayson Kerr.

Home to Sea-Jonathan Calindas
Read by Dave Droxler and Rhonda Dodd

Small Holdings- Glenn Kubota
Read by Glenn Kubota, Anne Newhall, Christopher Burris, Gilbert Cruz, and Sue Barrett

Dark Room- Jona Tarlin
Read by Caitlin Johnston and Chris Norwood

Awkward Romance- Mike Lesser
Read by Jim Cairl, Kathy Searle, and Wendy Herlich

Karate Hottie- Catherine Weingarten
Read by David Meyers, Erica Molfetta, and Jessica Vera


Mike Lesser