Volume 8

Volume 8 is complete and those that attended were treated to an evening that has become the norm at The PlayGround Experiment. Our playwrights and actors gave us their all and the room was filled with joy, laughter and thought. Though throwing up may have been a theme in more than one scene, we were not sickened by any of it! It was great to see so many new faces and getting to meet you all. Special shoutouts to Brooke Reynolds our greeter and Rhonda Dodd who actually sang for our supper. Jonathan Calindas thanks again for keeping our website looking so purdy! See you all at Volume 9 (I know insane right?) on August 10th.

Stage Directions were read by Jeaniene Green

God Loves You by Jessica Luck
Read by Betty Hudson, Christopher Burris, John Robert Tillotson, Miguel AC Palafox, and Sarah Matteucci


Inappropriate Relationship by Marcy Lovitch
Read by Carson Lee, John Racciappo, and Risa Benson

Howlers by Nick Cocchetto
Read by Dave Droxler and Samantha Jones

Stardust or The End of Pete by Leif Meneke
Read by Frank Logan, Jimmy Moon, Rosalyn Campbell, Roy Flores, and Tony Romero

Round She Goes by Karina Richardson
Read by Chiara Perez del Campo, Karina Richardson, and Kathy Searle

Mike Lesser