Volume 9

Volume 9 was sublime! Playwrights and Actors you did not disappoint in bringing all of yourselves to Fika last night. For those of you that came out to support us, we love you! As some of you know, we do not read the scenes before they are chosen. Our mission is to be an out of town tryout for work and leave the judgement for each individual playwright to his or herself as a way of making their work stronger. Though all of last nights work definitely had a strong presence of great roles for women of all ages as well as great diversity. KUDOS writers! Special thanks to Evan Edwards for being our greeter for the volume and again to Rhonda Dodd our fundraising songstress. Stage directions voiced by Jonathan Harris.  

Up The Rabbit Hole-Andy Halliday
Read by Anne Newhall and Kyle Minshew

The Clocks- Laurel Lockhart
Read by Cam Korman, Elaine Barrow, and Sharlene Hartman

The Walk-up-Emily Comisar
Read by Jasmin Bristow, Jessica Luck, Kristen French, and Sheilah Smiley

Bobby’s Home-David Brian Colbert
Read by Nick Cocchetto, Rhonda Dodd, Sheila Joon

Walken on Sunshine- Dave Droxler
Read by Bjorn Thorstad, C.J. Gelfand, Dave Droxler, Jayson Kerr, John Robert Tillotson, Paul Pakler, and Sarah Matusek


Mike Lesser