Volume 10

We partied like it was 1999! Volume 10 on Monday was a wonderful evening of awkward, suspenseful, devised, mysterious and magical work. As always thank you to the playwrights and actors for bringing your talent to the PlayGround! To the small, but mighty crowd: your energy is the lifeblood of what we do and we thank you for coming out and sharing who you are with us. We are officially into the double digits now and looking forward to where we are going in the future. Special thanks to Laurel Lockhart for being our greeter for this volume. Stage Directions: Bianca Nejat



Finnegan’s Funeral- Wendy Herlich
Read by Matt Higgins and Wendy Herlich

Cell Memory Theory- Mike Lesser
Read by Anne Newhall, Jim Cairl, and Sue Berch

APLOMB- Alex Keegan/Brooke Reynolds/Drita Kabashi/Margot Connolly
Read by Brooke Reynolds and Drita Kabashi

Mrs. Christie and the Secret of Notebook- Heidi Armbruster
Read by Nina Covalesky and Paul Pakler

One False Cut- Daniel Ho
Read by Bob Jaffe, Jessica Carollo, Jonathan Harris, and Peter Herrick

Mike Lesser