Volume 19

We missed the storm, but there was an avalanche of talent tonight. Kudos to everyone who played and supported for helping to create a community. Special thanks to Greeter Betty Hudson and our voice of stage directions Spencer Aste!



by Emily Comisar
Read by Jon Meyer and Wendy Herlich


Opportunity & Diversity
by David Meyers
Read by David Meyers, Maria Peyramaure, and Morgan McGuire


The Box-Thorn
by Jim Cairl
Read by Brad Makarowski, Marie Elena O'Brien, and Paul Pakler 


Animal Husbandry
by David Davila
Read by Brendan Daugherty and Daniel Anthony Hidalgo


The Giant Hoax
by Kit Goldstein Grant
Read by Bryn W Packard, Dave Droxler, Risa Benson, and Thea Brooks

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