Volume 20

We are offically in our 20's and Volume 20 was so adult. Kudos to all of the playwright's and actor who played beautifully together. Special thanks to our Welcoming Committee of Paul Pakler, Hat passer extraordiare Rhonda Dodd. We were lucky to have to Photo genius of Tim Lorge capture volume 20 through his insightful lens. Give it up for the Voice of Stage Directions Coco Conroy




Mary and Paul And
by Laurel Lockhart  
Read by Dawn Jamieson and Victor Truro


Play Dead
by Dave Droxler
Read by Chelsey Shannon, Dave Droxler, Sarah Matusek, and Wendy Herlich


by David Brian Colbert
Read by Andrew Schoomaker, Natalie Neckyfarow, Rhonda Dodd, and Ricky Faust 


by Jessica Luck
Read by Kristen French and Sharlene Hartman


Witnesses Of Existence
by Mike Lesser
Read by Ariel Estrada, Evan Edwards,  and Katherine Puma

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