Volume 33

What a blessed night. With the announcement of The PG Evolution a development process and The PG Experience on top of another round of six scenes the energy was high. Special Thanks to our Welcoming Committee of Andy Halliday, Connie Tucker and Mrinalini Kamath. Stage Directions were read by Ninoshka de Leon Gill and Ollie Fielding. Photos were back again by Tim Lorge. Here's to what comes next!

What Happened to Emmaline
By Kimberly Kalaja
Read by Diana Sara Cherkas , Nancy Nagrant, Spencer Aste, and Ysabel Jasa
SD: Ollie

Happy Trails
By Matt Hardy
Read by David Michael Kirby and Tim Torre
SD: Ninoshka

By Jim Cairl
Read by Marie Eléna O'Brien and Paul Pakler
SD: Ollie

Generic Hispanic
By Noemi De La Puente
Read by Alex Castro, Ari Rossen, Graceann Dorse, and Jeanine Green
SD: Ninoshka


Mrs. Christie
By Heidi Armbruster
Read by Ashley Jackson, Brad Makarowski, Coco Conroy, Gilbert Cruz, Jeffrey Vause, Laurel Lockhart, Melisa Annis, Michael Markham, Mike Lesser, Ninoshka De Leon Gill, and Ollie Fielding
SD: Ashley

Members of the Choir
By Evan Edwards
Read by Andrew Glaszek, David Adam Gill, Hakim Canter-McMillan, Jayson Kerr, Matt Cody, Nicky Romaniello, Roy Flores, and Todd Butera
SD: Ollie

Announcements of PG Evolution, Required Readings, and Conversations Between Artists

Mike Lesser