Volume 40

The PG Evolution Volume 40
What an exciting 1st Volume of 2017. All the playwrights and actors were in top form and the excitement was percolating like the delicious coffee sold at Think coffee on Mercer street. (insert smile) Thanks to everyone who came out to support. Special thank to our welcoming committee of Andy and Courtney! Super star Stage Direction readers Juan & Jasmine And of course photohostest with the mostest Tim Lorge.

Welcoming Committee:
Andy Halliday/Courtney Williams
Stage Directions:
Jasmine Spiess / Juan Roman Jr.



Johnnie Rosalies Turn
By Jeaniene Green
Read by Arthur Gregory Pugh, Christine Smith, and Natasha A. Williams
SD: Juan


Tomorrow We Love
By Jeffrey Vause
Read by Andrew Glaszek, Jeffrey Vause, Sarah Young, and Tim Torre
SD:  Jasmine


A Sequel
By Jona Tarlin
Read by Cait Johnston, Joy Lynn Jacobs, and Kyle Minshew
SD: Juan


By Jacob Marx Rice
Read by Caitlin Mileon, David Michael Kirby, Mandy Murphy, and Priyanka Krishnan
SD: Jasmine


The Walk-Up
By Emily Comisar
Read by Diane Quinn, Elise Hudson, Jasmine Spiess, Jim Cairl, Marie Eléna O'Brien, Natalie Neckyfarow, and Paul Pakler
SD:  Juan


Members of the Choir
By Evan Edwards
Read by Andrew Glaszek, Anthony Aloise, Brian Childers, David Adam Gill, Ian Whitt, Jayson Kerr, Raul Meruelo, Spencer Aste, and Tomike Lee Ogugua
SD:  Jasmine 





Mike Lesser