Volume 42

What a great evening as always. Kudos to all who came and played with us. Special thanks to our Welcoming Committee of Leif Meneke and Mandy Murphy. And to our Photographer for the evening James Eden!

Stage Directions:
Dante Jayce/Kirsten Hopkins

Photos by James Eden


By Melisa Annis
Read by Betty Hudson and Julia Botero
SD: Kirsten

The Pet Play
By Noemi de la Puente
Read by Jonas Cohen, Ysabel Jasa, Dante Jayce, and Kirsten Hopkins
SD: Dante/Kirsten

White People’s Problems
By Mike Lesser
Read by Cotton Wright, Daniel Anthony Hidalgo, Jayson Kerr, and Paul Pakler
SD: Kirsten


By Adam Parrish
Read by Ari Rossen, Charlie Wilson, David Adam Gill, Ellen Toomey, Jimmy Moon, and Laurel Lockhart


Rude Awakenings
By Marie Eléna O'Brien
Read by Caitlin Mileon, Dave Droxler, David Gill, Evan Edwards, Marie Eléna O'Brien, Priyanka Krishnan, Steven Peacock Jacoby
SD: Kirsten

Checked Out
By Alex Castro
Read by Brendan Daugherty, David Michael Kirby, Lillian Andrea De Leon, Manny Sanchez, and Raul Meruelo
SD: Dante

Mike Lesser