Volume 43

Thanks to the Welcoming Committee of Christopher Buchanan, Diana Sara Cherkas and Emily Cordes. Stage Directions read by Jeneen Terrana and Arthur Gregory Pugh. Photographer Extraordinaire James Eden.

Stage Directions:
Arthur Gregory Pugh/ Jeneen Terrana 

Photos by James Eden



From A to Double D
By Mandy Murphy
Read by Lillian Andrea De Leon and Nicholas Robert Ortiz
SD: Jeneen

The Gatekeeper
By Blair Ingethron
Read by Michael Markham and Sarah Young
SD: Arthur

By Jessica Luck
Read by Cait Johnston, Cotton Wright, and Starr Kirkland
SD: Jeneen


The C-Word
By Matthew Hardy
Read by Alexandra Bonesho, Katherine Puma, and Marie Elena’ OBrien
SD: Arthur

Or Life Will…
By Ashley “Ajax” Jackson- 
Read by Amy Seidel, Dante Jayce, and Arthur Gregory Pugh
SD: Jeneen

How to Murder Your Ex
By Leif Meneke
Read by Ari Rossen, Courtney Williams, Jonas Cohen, and Rich Gomez
SD: Arthur

Mike Lesser