Volume 51

The PlayGround Experiment Volume 51

Special Thanks to Welcoming Committee of Marie Eléna O'Brien and Nick Locilento. Stage Directions by Aja Singletary and Thomas Dieter.

Photos by Danielle Winston.



By Laurel Lockhart
Read by Kirsten Hopkins and Paul Pakler
SD: Thomas


The Incident
By Emily Comisar
Read by Christine Redhead and David Michael Kirby
SD: Aja


Let There Be Love
By Mrinalini Kamath
Read by David Adam Gill, Joy Jacobs, Paul Peglar, Sajiv Pillai, and Yvette King
SD: Thomas


Scarlet Flame
By Danielle Winston
Read by Charlie Wilson and Priyanka Krishnan
SD:  Aja


Thin Blue Line
By Brad Makarowski
Read by David Davila, Diana Cherkas, Drew Jordan, and Sharlene Hartman
SD: Thomas


Waiting for Waiting
By Miles Butler
Read by Amy Gijsbers van Wijk, Amy Lopatin, Dante Jayce, Jj Condon, Rhonda Dodd, and Starr Kirland
SD: Aja

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