Volume 67

The PG Evolution: Volume 67

March 12, 2018
Welcoming Committee: Dave Droxler/Madeleine Maby/Ollie Fielding

Stage Directions: Maura Kelly/ Taylor Hilt Mitchell


Threaded in the Air by David Michael Kirby
Catherine Overfelt
Mandy Murphy
Taylor Hilt Mitchell

After the Fight by Erin Moughon-Smith
Aaron Johnson
Sarah Teed

Angels Watching From Afar by Christopher Buchanan
Aqiyla Thomas
Scottie Davis


Superswimmer by Mrinalini Kamath
Gerard Lucero
Kimberly Chatterjee
Mike Lesser

An Equal and Opposite Reaction by Jenny Crakes
Leah Rabinowitz
Lily Fryburg
Marta Rymer
Mia Hutchinson-Shaw
Sonia Lopes
Taylor Hilt Mitchell

The Epitome of Extra by A. Jacks
Jasmine Spiess
Marie Eléna O'Brien
Matt Surges
Michael Flood
Peyton Michelle Edwards

Kirsten HopkinsComment