CBA #5 Politics and Theatre

Politics and Theatre

What does the phrase “Political Theatre” mean to you?

What are some examples of good, impactful, effective political theatre?

(i.e. Shakespeare, Brecht, etc.)

Is there a specific genre/genres that are more conducive to this type of storytelling?

Are there examples of bad and ineffective political theatre?

What role does/should POLITICS with a capital P play in the making of Theatre?

 (Mirror, Truth Finder, Influence, or Other)

Is there a line between Political Messaging and Political Agenda?

What role does a playwright’s personal POLITICS play in Theatre?

What role does an actor’s personal POLITICS play in Theatre?

Is left leaning/right leaning Political Theatre merely preaching to the choir? What ways can we create work that resonates beyond Political Partisanship?

In a heated Political Climate, how do we as individual artists use our art, skills, voice to respond, educate, empathize, love, and inspire?

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