CBA #6 LGBTQ Theatre

LGBTQ Theatre:

From Message to Movement to Mainstream?

Define what LGBTQ theatre is to you.

What are some of the plays that were/are game changers?

How has LGBTQ theatre evolved? If it hasn’t why do you think it hasn’t?

Who is most/least represented in LGBTQIA+ theatre? 

What are the reasons do you feel of this lack of representation?

How has the LGBTQ been misrepresented in art? 

What are the most common stereotypical pitfalls?

What are the do’s and don’t of casting for LGBTQ characters?

How do we consider roles that may not be in line with our orientation or preferred gender?

Who is allowed to play this character?

How can playwrights and other artists that are not LGBTQ continue to have authenticity with in the work?

Is the LGBTQIA+ even in the mainstream? If not, is that okay? 

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