CBA #9 Life as An Artist: Strategies for Surviving, Striving and Thriving

Life as An Artist: Strategies for Surviving, Striving and Thriving

What does your life as  an Artist look like currently?

How does a “survival” job work best to keep your artistic life moving forward?

What are the best jobs, industries, gigs that you have found?

Artistpraneur? What are you doing to create income from your skills outside the typical “survival jobs”

What is a successful artistic day for you with your full-time/part-time survival job?" (i.e., how/where do you make time for the art?) What would make the perfect balanced day?

How much of your artistic life do you share with day jobs, fellow employees, or even applications for employment?

Keeping Healthy: Physically and Mentally

What tips, tricks, and remedies do you swear by to keep healthy with the non-stop hustle of an Artist?

What is the difference between taking a mental break and procrastinating?
What are your best  practices for rebooting?

Writers: What are best practices, tips, tricks for writer’s block?

What are some resources that you have found helpful re: Healthcare, physical wellness, mental wellness?

Actors: What resources are you finding the best results with getting information/auditions?


Where are you finding out whom to submit to? Who the movers and shakers are in the producing world? And who to avoid?

Finding your own Tribe and building community is important:

What are you looking for when searching other artists to be with?

Beside The PGE, what other groups, companies, events have you found?

Finding a Balance:

Have you used “Mastermind Groups” in the past? If so what has worked and not worked for you?

How would you define a successful artistic life?

Is there something you learned tonight that you can implement to make success feel closer and accessible? 

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